Artist Kimiko Yoshida

With puertorrican artist Melvin Martinez  at Zona Maco Mexico

With artist Ghada Amer - NYC

With Milton Esterow - Publisher of Art News Magazine - NYC

Artist Ran Hwang - NYC

Artist El Anatsui - Venezia

  • Opening of Corinne Timsit Gallery in Paris, 81 rue Lepic 75018 in 1983 and inauguration of the gallery Corinne Timsit International Galleries Inc. San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1989.

  • In 1994 Corinne Timsit Gallery in Paris moved  to  9 rue de Mazarine 75006 Paris.

  • Curator for the official season "Tokyo to Paris, France-Japan", sponsored by the Seibu Group, Japan.

  • Adviser to the Hakone Open Air Museum, Hakone, Japan.

  • Project Director for the Governor of Puerto Rico, Mr. Rafael Hernandez Colon to conceptualize, design a museum of contemporary art. After accreditation of the concept, she obtains the consent of the architect Mr. IM Pei (architect of the Pyramide du Louvre, Paris) and organized the meeting between the Governor Hernandez Colon and Mr. I. M. PEI  in Puerto Rico. During this meeting  the project was validated.

  • Art critic for the  magazine Gunnard, Paris

  • Cultural adviser in charge of various missions in Nicaragua, El Salvador and Venezuela for the Department of Foreign Affairs of the French Ministry of Culture.

  • Adviser for the realization of an artwork by the artist Cesar for the development of parents home of children treated at the Institut Curie, Paris

  • Curator at The Institute of Culture of Puerto Rico of the Wifredo Lam exhibition in Collaboration with Mrs. Lou Laurin Lam, the exhibition was including 107 original artworks.

  • Adviser for the Pollock-Krashner Foundation in New York

  • Adviser for the Rally Foundation museum, contemporary art collection based in Uruguay, Chile, Spain, Germany and Israel.

  • Official guest to the celebration of the Praemium Imperial prize, Tokyo Japan.

  • Painting: Baltus, Sculpture: Chillida, Architecture: Gae Aulenti, musique: Ornette Coleman, Theater, Cinéma: Igmar Bergman

  • Project Director for the new concept and the reopening of the Museum of Contemporary Art in the city of Bayamon, Puerto Rico and the acquisition of their permanent collection.

  • Co-founder , Vice President and Chief Editor of the international contemporary art magazine ArtPremium.

  • Project Manager and curator of the exhibition "Basquiat, una antologia para Puerto Rico" at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico with more than  100 original artworks. Sponsored by UBS. Catalog publishing in collaboration with ArtPremium, provider of the exhibition

  • Selected as an honored member in the Universal Who's who (elite publication and registry of International business leaders)

  • Director of the Latin American Friends of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, for a term of 2 years.

  • Director  and host of the Gala of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem at the Ritz Palace, Puerto Rico.

  • Curator at the Museum of Puerto Rico  for the presentation of the Kiro's Urdin movie « planetarium » (winner best documentary   film and video festival  Los Angeles 2005. Best cinemathography, best documentary film and video festival New York 2009)

  • Gallery director of Inception Gallery in Paris since it’s launching until October 2013.

  • In January 2014 launching of Corinne Timsit Art Advisory

  • Participation in various international art fairs of contemporary art: Art Miami, Art Paris, Art Basel Miami Beach, Art Basel Hong Kong,  The Armory Show, Europ'Art, Art Basel, Art Brussels, Liste Switzerland, Frieze London, ZonaMaco, Mexico, Paris-Photo Los Angeles, CIGE Beijing, Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, China and more.

  • Plastic art, sculpture, photo, video, design and new media, all support of creation inspires her senses of devotion for Life

  • "What makes the difference is the human relationship."



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