The dynamic markets of contemporary and fine art have emerged as powerful tools for companies to drive growth and communication. By embracing these forms of art, businesses can embody their future aspirations and stimulate innovation, creativity, and imagination. 

Today’s top investors and companies recognize the value of art as a means of enhancing public relations and advancing their business objectives. They are leveraging collections, corporate art programs, awards, grants, events, and art foundations to make art an integral part of their operations.

Our Services


Hosting cultural and artistic events sets a company apart from competitors, generates interest among clients and prospects, and captures the attention of relevant public and private organizations.

Corporate Collection

We help companies and private clients acquire and manage art collections. With international experience, we specialize in finding artists that fit the collection and company vision, from modern masters to emerging talent.

COrporate art prize

We assist companies in creating their own art prize, managing every aspect from defining its purpose to managing the event. Our team has extensive art world experience, ensuring the prize resonates with artists and the public, boosting cultural profile and supporting the arts.


Take a walk on the Art side
at Hogan Lovells - Paris

We launched, in 2020, the  “Take a Walk on the Art Side” program at Hogan Lovells Paris. We have organised a 3-month exhibition of international contemporary artists at Hogan Lovells Paris along with a lecture about the global art world, led by the company’s co-founders. Artists featured: – Mayasa AlSowaidi – Berend Strik – Pierre-Christophe Gam – Sasha Lopatic – Christine Barbe – Karl Lagasse

2nd Edition

3rD Edition