Thibaud Zwahlen is a 26-year-old artist and Space Design student in Nancy, France. 

* Since 2017, Zwahlen has tried to explore different temporalities through his art, which are now felt through our visuals and the sensitivity of our memory. The themes most reflective of his fondness are architecture and the human body. He has a strong tendency of showing the beauty of the body and the deepest artistic roots ingrained in this common product. 

Zwahlen varies his ways to approach new bodies of work. 

Generally, he presents a solution to a problem of which he would want to address. 

In his body of work which deals with dreams and evasion, Thibaud Zwahlen has been able to talk about himself all the while leaving space to the audience for a personal interpretation through his past and his fantasies. 

He tries to deal with his past, his surrounding environment, and what he considers to be his life paths. These paths are to him visible in urban life as well as in nature. They are evoked through people whom we come across and who mark their effects on us by their presence and their words. 

Thibaud Zwahlen hopes to dare a new vision of introspection to his audience through his favorite actors which, to him, is the urban life as well as its people. 

(Published on ArtPremium Magazine Winter 2020 - Generation Z: Artists on the Rise)